Barre Chords


Barre Chords

To play a barre chord use your first finger to play all the strings at the same time at the same fret. This is like using your first finger as the nut or capo. Now you can use your other three fingers to complete the chord. See the image below.

Barre chord on the guitar

Barre chord patterns are movable, meaning they can be played anywhere on the neck without changing fingering. The name of the barre chord depends on the name of the note at the root position of the chord.

Common Barre Chords

Using a Capo

To play open position chords at a higher pitch you can use a capo. A capo clamps on to the neck of the guitar and presses down across all the strings at a specific fret. You can use a capo anywhere on the neck to play in different keys.

Playing barre chords takes some getting used to for beginners so start small. Try just using your first finger to make the barre and strum all the strings. Be sure all the strings sound clear with only your first finger before trying the complete chord.

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