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Triad Chords

Triad chords consist of three notes: a root note, a third, and a fifth. The third refers to a note that comprises a third interval above the root. The fifth refers to a note that comprises a fifth interval above the root.

Structure of triad chord: 1-3-5

The root note is never altered on triad chords. The third may be either a major third for major and augmented triads or a minor third for minor and diminished triads. The fifth will be either a perfect fifth for major triads, an augmented fifth for augmented triads, or a diminished fifth for diminished triads.

Triad chords can also be viewed as stacked third intervals. The distance between the root and third is a third interval and the distance between the third and fifth is also a third interval.

The chart below demonstrates the four triad types.

Triad Chord Comparison
C Major C Minor C Augmented C Diminished
C major C major C major C major

List of Triad Chords

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