Augmented Triad Chords

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Augmented Triad Chords

Augmented triads do not occur naturally within the major scales. Therefore, major chords must be altered by lowering the pitch of the fifth degree by one half-step to create an augmented chord.

G Augmented Chord from G Major Scale

G augmented from G major

To construct augmented chords from the half-step formula
First choose a note to be the root note. Next, count up four half-steps to get the third of the chord. Now count up two half-steps to get the fifth. For example, to construct a G augmented chord first start at G. Now count up four half-steps to B. Now count up two half-steps from B to Db. The notes of a G augmented chord are G-B-Db.

G Augmented Chord from Half-step Formula

G minor chord from half-step formula

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