Db Major Scale

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The Db Major Scale

Notes: Db Eb F Gb Ab Bb C

Scale Positions on the Guitar Fretboard

Position 1

Guitar tab of first position Db major scale

Position 2

Guitar tab of second position Db major scale

Position 3

Guitar tab of third position Db major scale

Position 4

Guitar tab of fourth position Db major scale

Position 5

Guitar tab of fiftht position Db major scale

Position 6

Guitar tab of sixth position Db major scale

Position 7

Guitar tab of seventh position Db major scale

Position 8

Guitar tab of eighth position Db major scale

Intervals in the Key of Db Major

Db Unison, Eb Unison, F Unison, Gb Unison, Ab Unison, Bb Unison, C Unison
Db Major Second, Eb Major Second, Gb Major Second, Ab Major Second, Bb Major Second
F Minor Second, C Minor Second
Db Major Third, Gb Major Third, Ab Major Third
Eb Minor Third, F Minor Third, Bb Minor Third, C Minor Third
Db Perfect Fourth, Eb Perfect Fourth, F Perfect Fourth, Ab Perfect Fourth, Bb Perfect Fourth, C Perfect Fourth
Gb Augmented Fourth
Db Perfect Fifth, Eb Perfect Fifth, F Perfect Fifth, Gb Perfect Fifth, Ab Perfect Fifth, Bb Perfect Fifth
C Diminished Fifth
Db Major Sixth, Eb Major Sixth, Gb Major Sixth, Ab Major Sixth
F Minor Sixth, Bb Minor Sixth, C Minor Sixth
Db Major Seventh, Gb Major Seventh
Eb Minor Seventh, F Minor Seventh, Ab Minor Seventh, Bb Minor Seventh, C Minor Seventh
Db Perfect Octave, Eb Perfect Octave, F Perfect Octave, Gb Perfect Octave, Ab Perfect Octave, Bb Perfect Octave, C Perfect Octave
Db Major Ninth, Eb Major Ninth, Gb Major Ninth, Ab Major Ninth, Bb Major Ninth
F Minor Ninth, C Minor Ninth
Db Major Tenth, Gb Major Tenth, Ab Major Tenth
Eb Minor Tenth, F Minor Tenth, Bb Minor Tenth, C Minor Tenth
Db Perfect Eleventh, Eb Perfect Eleventh, F Perfect Eleventh, Ab Perfect Eleventh, Bb Perfect Eleventh, C Perfect Eleventh
Gb Augmented Eleventh
Db Perfect Twelfth, Eb Perfect Twelfth, F Perfect Twelfth, Gb Perfect Twelfth, Ab Perfect Twelfth, Bb Perfect Twelfth
C Diminished Twelfth
Db Major Thirteenth, Eb Major Thirteenth, Gb Major Thirteenth, Ab Major Thirteenth
F Minor Thirteenth, Bb Minor Thirteenth, C Minor Thirteenth

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