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The Blues Scale

The Blues scale is a six note scale. To construct this scale first choose a note to start from (the root note) and follow the half-step formula for blues scales.

Blues Scale Half-step Formula: 3 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 3 - 2

The G note will be used as the root note for this example. Starting at the G note, count up three half-steps to the Bb note. Next, count up another two half-steps from the Bb note to the C note. Now count up 1 half-step from the C note to the Db note. Next, count up another half-step from the Db note to the D note. Now, three half-steps above D is F. From the F note count up two half-steps to the G note. Since G is the octave note the scale is complete.

Below is the two octave version of the G major pentatonic constructed above written in standard notation and guitar tab.

G Blues scale guitar tab

Blues Scale Charts

Below are guitar scale charts for the blues scale. The horizontal lines represent the guitar strings with the first string (high E) at the top. The vertical lines represent frets. The numbers are recommended fingers to use. The squares mark the root note of the scale.

These scale patterns are movable, that is, they can be played in anywhere on the neck.

The point of displaying scales as charts is to allow you to see the scale as a diagram that can the be visualized on the fretboard.

Blues Scales on the Guitar

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