The Story

The Internet is filled with sites claiming to give free guitar lessons. However, when you visit these sites you discover that free comes at a price. Some sites want you to create an account. Others offer a few sample lessons then want a monthly fee. Then there are sites who want you to fill out a very lengthy form before you get a lesson. There are even sites offering lessons through e-mail. Many more are advertisements for a DVD or a book/CD, you have to buy.

In the spirit of free information and learning online, PlayTheAxe.com was created. No forms, e-mails, accounts, or credit cards needed, just starting learning. The Internet the way it should be.

Why the name PlayTheAxe.com

This late in the Internet game all the obvious guitar lesson names are taken. A more creative name was needed. An electric guitar was often referred to as an axe in the '80s. PlayTheAxe.com was available. That's how this site got it's name.